The Future of EdTech (and this blog): My Vision

1 minute read

I’m going to finish this later, but here’s an outline:

My vision for Edtech

I’m imagining an app on say, a tablet. For kids. Adults. Anyone.

You can pick whatever you want to learn. Or, if you’re just browsing, you’ll be recommended some topics.

You click your choice of topic, and there it is. A curriculum, just for you.

Some aspects I dream of this education system having:

  • guesses your proficiency level and tailors it accordingly (to allow you to stay in the flow zone)
  • has some elements of Hooked (i.e. social media and video games) to keep you engaged
  • has some elements of Ultralearning (i.e. quizzes you, makes you recall, you learn directly waht you’re interested in) to make it effective
  • has credentialling attached (certificates, diplomas, whatever that employers value)

My vision for this blog

I want to start writing tutorials for technical topics. Some aspects I want it to have:

  • a community aspect (systems for feedback about my work, ability for users to help each other)
  • a monetization aspect (perhaps a popup that says join my email list for news about new posts, and then maybe I’ll start offering premium courses / consulting / coaching)
  • an Ultralearning aspect (i.e. the post is more interactive, makes you recall stuff, autotailors to your video/audio/text/example or difficulty or amount of content you want to get out of it preferences)
  • maybe a Hooked aspect? (i.e. a way to make it more engaging) that’ll probably be down the line though.