Potential Employers:

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Welcome. Thank you for your consideration.

This page serves to augment my resume (by providing more details).

Most of my professional work exerience is related to software development, but since I’m moving towards a data science / engineering related career, I’m going to emphasize my data-related experience, which is mostly from academia and personal projects.

Core Technical Skills

Data Science:

In a nutshell: Python (numpy, pandas, scikit-learn, matplotlib, opencv, pytorch), R, SQL, Matlab, Bash scripting, git, *nix, LaTeX.

I’ve done several projects that required cleaning/wrangling, pipelining, analyzing, and presenting data. (Details below, in Projects section.)

These are at a pretty small scale though (Kilobytes).

My next project will have a focus on Big(ger) Data (i.e. learning to use Spark, Hive, etc) and visualization (i.e. learning to use d3.js, Tableau, etc).

Down the road (probably Fall 2018) I also plan on diving into parallel programming, distributed systems, and containerization (Docker) as they relate to Data Science projects.


In a nutshell: Java, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Angular.js, Python (Flask), Jekyll/Markdown (for example, this site).

I’ve done several projects and professional work in the areas of front-end Angular development, server-side Java development, and mobile development (using Ionic and React Native).

A quick caveat: it has been several years since I’ve used some of this technology. I don’t foresee any problems picking it back up if I need to, but I probably won’t be able to confidently answer specific questions about some of it.

Project Status Problem / Goal Technology Methods
DrawingGuide In Progress Give the user feedback on his/her drawing by superimposing an attempted image over a target image and highlighting the differences Python (PyTorch, Jupyter Notebooks, Scikit-Image, Pillow, OpenCV, NumPy, SciPy, matplotlib, Pandas) (Stochastic) Gradient Descent (possibly Hogwild! later), SIFT, Affine Transformations
Cars-MPG Finished* An expansion on a talk I gave at HomeAway: predict a car's MPG based on its various features R (leaps, car, xtable, locfit), RStudio Linear Regression
log-to-csv Finished* In order to better diagnose my old Windows machine's freezes, I wrote a script to convert the Windows wevtuti event log into a CSV file for easier analysis Python (and other standard libraries like os and json) Various parsing and cleaning of text

*Not necessarily forever.


Currently, I’m pursuing a Master of Science (M.S.) in Computer Science at Texas State University with a concentration in Analytics and Machine Learning.

I’m being co-advised by Dr. Jelena Tesic (Computer Science Department) and Dr. Lucas Rusnak (Mathematics Department).

My current GPA is a 3.75, and I’m scheduled to graduate in the Spring of 2019.

Previously, I obtained a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Computer Science at Texas State University with a 3.63 GPA in the Spring of 2016.

Career Experience

Since August 2017 (about 5 months so far), I’ve been a Graduate Instructional Assistant (a TA, essentially) for the Mathematics Department at Texas State University. In Fall 2017 I taught a Pre-Calculus lab, and in Spring 2018 I expect to teach a Calculus I lab (although, that’s subject to change). Responsibilities include lecturing on course content and developing, administering, and grading homework assignments and quizzes.

From June 2016 to August 2017 (1 year, 3 months), I was a Software Developer at General Motors Company (GMC). I was part of a team that developed a new mobile-first web application for factory workers in 60+ factories to keep track of parts on assembly lines. Some specific contributions included writing unit tests for the Java backend (specifically: bringing code coverage up to ~90%-95%), and later adding Angular.js routes and pages to the front end.

From September 2015 to May 2016 (9 months), I was a Co-Op Software Engineer (an intern, essentially) at International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation. I was part of a team of six co-op software engineers that worked with mostly back-end and mobile technologies (Node.js, Angular.js, HTML/CSS/JS, and the Ionic framework, specifically). Our main focus was to help redesign a mobile application that supplied the user with updates about the status of various servers and sent notifications in the event of any changes.